Bavaria pneumatic lettering hamer GS 43 soft with 1m hose and hard case.

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Product Description

The percussion characteristic of this model is similar to the “classic” hammer GS45/F. The main difference is the soft rubber covered handle that make it more comfortable to hold. This is a soft starting lettering hammer for V-cut lettering and sculptoring work.

Usable tools: all available sizes of lettering chisels, points up to 12x12mm, claw chisels up to 18 mm, bush hammers up to 12×12 mm and rifflers up to 15×12 mm.

Colour – green
Piston – 0.13 mm
Stroke – 34 mm
Shank: 10 (12.7 x 50mm)
Percussions/min – up to 6,000
Weight – 800g
Length – 180mm
Air consumption – 200 l/min = 7.1 cfm
Working pressure – 3.0-4.0 bar
Air connector – swiveling nipple connector to standard quick-release couplings

Comes with carry case and 1m (9mm I.D.) hose (1/4″ IT + QR coupling)

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Weight2.5 kg