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Rebit Professional Swedish made TCT Heavy Hex Pitching chisel for all stone 40mm

From: £81.60 inc. (£68.00 ex. VAT)

A super tough Swedish made tool with oil field grade tungsten.We use these in our own quarry and workshop.Probably the strongest chisel in the world.

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Product Description

This is a one sided carbide bladed special pitching tool or hand set. Stone masons angle it on its edge and strike it along a line to square and trim granite or other hard stone. Regular sharpening of the tungsten is recommended for safe and efficient use.The pitching tool, is used for cutting of edges. Hold the chisel steady in your hand and never brake at the same time as you hit the shank. Avoid trying to break away stone. Straight hits will give the best result.The tools are also hardened to avoid splitting and mushroom-shaping.


Made by craftman in Sweden  and probably the finest stone chisel on the market.


Using the tools.
– Use the correct size.

– Hit  with  the full width of the tool.

– Grinding advice

– Do not grind the carbide too sharp.
– After grinding, give an edge to the corners
– Do not overheat.Do not Quench .
– Hold the chisel steady against the grinding disc

Additional Information

Weight0.2 kg
Width (mm)

40mm, 40mm (extra long shaft)