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Bavaria mason’s blade point axe carbide blade and teeth

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Product Description

Carbide masons axe – carbide point on one side with a carbide blade on the other.

  • With ashwood handle
  • Type B/T 
  • 5mm tungsten carbide points and a 3.3 mm carbide blade

Available in 5 sizes:

  • 40mm – 1.1 kg 4 pts 1  side – other side carbide blade
  • 50mm – 1.2 kg 5 pts 1 side  – other side carbide blade
  • 60mm – 1.3 kg 5 pts 1 side  – other side carbide blade
  • 80mm – 1.5 kg 6 pts 1 side  – other side carbide blade
  • 100mm – 1.8 kg 8pts 1 side  – other side carbide blade

All ca. 450mm long  x 180mm


– On uneven surfaces it is advised to hit lightly until the full width of carbide is in contact with the stone
– Use the correct size
– Hit with the full width of the tool

Grinding advice

– Do not grind the carbide too sharp
– After grinding, give an edge to the corner
– Do not overheat. Do not quench
– Hold the chisel steady against the grinding disc

Always wear eye protection

Made in Germany for the StoneToolShop.



Tool care advice to extend the lifespan of the shaft: before first use all wooden handled hammers should be lightly sanded and raw linseed oil liberally applied (especially on the ends). This should be repeated when required.

Additional Information

Head size

1.1kg (40mm), 1.2kg (50mm), 1.3kg (60mm), 1.5kg (80mm), 1.8kg (100mm)