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Lewis Pin (block positioning/lifting tool pins)

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Lewis pins .

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Product Description

Free delivery (exclusive highlands and islands)

UK manufacture.

The split-pin lewis uses a scissor-like action to produce friction against the inside of a hole. The two legs, semicircular in section, lying side-by-side, and fit inside a hole drilled in the top face . This type of lewis seating is the simplest to prepare, requiring a single drilled hole.

The pins are inserted into a hole drilled in the top of the stone and a crane or hoist can then be used to lift the block .As this is a positioning device only ropes or slings should be used to lift and move the stone.These can be removed from underneath the block whilst positioning with the lewis pins.

A swivel positioned between hoist and pin will allow rotation.

The lewis is liable to slip out of the seating if some of the weight of the stone is quickly changed (for example bumping or jerking).A straight lift is also essential  to avoid  unwanted stresses. If 2 pins are used a lifting bar is recommended  between the pins to equally allocate weight

The hole drilled  should be a good fit. A loose fit will subject arms to  excess stresses,  The pins were made to imperial measurements  and if possible imperial sized holes should be made -preferably with a diamond core drill.

Comes with  a  UK test certificate of conformity from manufacturer  where it is  tested to twice the  weight limit.

Available in the following sizes.

  • 250kgs, 19 mm 0.75″ dia pin, weight 2.5 kg
  • 500kgs, 25.4 mm 1″ dia pin, weight 2.9 kg
  • 1000kgs, 28.6mm 1 1/8″ pin, weight 4.5 kg
  • 1500kgs, 31.7mm 1 1/4″ pin, weight 5.5 kg
  • 2000kgs, 34.9mm 1 3/8″ pin, weight 8kg

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Weight1 kg
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