A full range of mastics,epoxy resins , colorants and putties.

The mastics range can be divided into:

Polyester mastic: Produced in different colors and in liquid, semi-solid or solid version, Bellinzoni polyester mastic are sold with two different trad-marks: “Mastic 2000” and “Mastic Spezial Tak”.

Epoxy mastic: The epoxy resins are very often used in modern buildings construction, so Bellinzoni realized the chemically advanced “EPOX2000” range, that permits to operate in extremely precise way.
Epoxy impregnators: Reparation of slight imperfections requires low viscosity epoxy resins that could penetrate deeply. For this reason, Bellinzoni proposes new epoxy resins that completes the products range born with the IMPREPOX impregnator.

Special mastics: THese are special products like: MASTIC NEW THASSOS, ASTRA 24K, HIGH RESISTANCE MASTIC BLITZ.

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